A Realme achievements Of The Year 2022

Realme has made a groundbreaking approach in the time 2022 by launching the most spectacular mobile phones to treat the suckers! 

An ideal terrain for a value brand to succeed is maintained through the combination of better connectivity, rising data requirements and operation, and entry into the request of affordable 4G phones from companies like realme. In addition to other products, realme has manufactured phones with 5G, high refresh rate HDR OLED panels, and quadrangle cameras. It has always been the brand that has offered lesser technology inventions targeting GenZ on budget-friendly terms. 

In the growing period of these remarkable growth patterns, realme really possesses a unique understanding by clinging to its" leapfrogging" culture and unwavering desire to develop a" tech trendy brand" for youthful people all over the world. Real individuality of the brand is assured by realme's product strategy, client perceptivity, marketing strategies, request exploration, etc in the Pakistani request. 

And yet again the brand comes up with amazing smartphones with creative approaches and innovative technology like the realme 9 series and realme C35 to stand out in the Pakistani demand. There's a short lineup of realme’s 2022 smartphones who aren't only budget-friendly but have high- end specs to feed to the stoner’s requirements. 

It's a look back at the time of significant developments, realme has done over 2022 

 Quality Master Award 

realme was awarded as the ‘ quality master ’ by UrduPoint in a check conducted about smartphone quality for the first time in Pakistan to check if its compendiums.The check quizzes people about different aspects of quality in their smartphones, giving them a choice among different brands similar as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, and realme. After a four- day exertion, UrduPoint awarded the brand. 

 realme 9i 

The realme 9i was launched as the base model of its series; it had a new, 6nm 4G/ LTE processor and briskly charging compared to its precursor. importing around 187 grams, the realme 9i comes powered with a 5000mAh battery, MediaTek Dimensity 810 5G chipset, 4- 6 GB RAM, and 64- 128 GB of storehouse space for the stylish experience. While processing could be slower with 4 GB RAM, prices are more reasonable for the 4GB/ 64 GB than the 6GB/ 128 GB variant. 

It features a6.6- inch TV with a 90Hz refresh rate and 2408 x 1080 pixels for the stylish illustrations. The phone weighs 187 grams and has confines 164.4 mm x 75.1 x8.1 mm, making it more movable . Also, it has a side- mounted point scanner and supports 18W Quick Charge technology. 

piecemeal from this, the device packs a triadic- hinder camera with 50- megapixel primary lens, 2- megapixel blow up, and 2- megapixel macro lens for the stylish geography filmland. Still, you can click decent selfies with its 8MPwide- lens frontal camera. 

 realme 9 Pro 

realme dropped a new device in the launch of 2022 which made rounds across the web overnight due to its drop-dead specs. The realme 9 Pro model which was the first Plus model in the realme number series hence astounded the suckers by giving 5G and proved to be extraordinary as always. Realme being the tech mammoth understands what druggies like and the innovative technology of 9 Pro were a cherry on top. Realme 9 Pro offered 920 5G MediaTek Dimensity Chipset which made it stand out in the request as 5G was the most rearmost technology in the smartphone. 


For a clearer and smooth display without any disturbances, realme 9 Pro offered 6.4 elevation Amoled Display. The phone was surely an eye stunner, especially with its slim handy look and two trendy colors Green and Sunrise Blue. 45000 mAh battery of realme 9 Pro to give you juice for an entire day chilling. Another good aspect of the phone was its 50MP AI Triple Camera that takes great prints. The realme C35 also comes in a 8 GB 128 GB storehouse setup which makes it perfect for storing prints, vids, games and all your favorite apps without the pause. 

 Capture Ramadan Moments 

 realme came up with an amazing exertion to engage suckers during Ramadan by letting them partake the Ramadan Spark Moments with family and musketeers along with realmeow stickers on their Instagram stories by using the hashtag#CaptureRamadanSpark and#realmePakistan also tagging the sanctioned realme account to win amazing gifts from the brand. 

 Gaming Competition 

Realme surely knows how to engage its suckers in everything, and conducted a gaming competition with a huge prize pool for the suckers. Universities from each over the country shared in the gaming competition and the final event was done in Lahore with the presence of the famed gaming Youtuber Ducky Bhai who has been GenZ’s face all the time and got them really agitated to meet him in person. 

 realme C35 

As we all know realme makes sure to bring slice- edge technologies and innovative designs while launching a new smartphone in the Pakistani request and also maintain the stoner conditions throughout the time. This time realme came up with a trendy and sharp smartphone in the C series which is their mid-range smartphone yet was suitable to uphold the vibe and position of the brand at the same time. C35 was launched with a design phenomenon and with its Glowing Silk Design. 


This phone was surely an eye- acrobat, especially in its Glowing Green icon . With a current price label of PKR,999/-, the realme C35 was a unique each- rounder that packs a punch both outside and outdoors. With a Unisoc T616 Octa- Core processor, it clocks a top- speed high performance delivering a6.6- inch Ultra Smooth Display and,000 mAh battery to give you juice for an entire day. Another good aspect of the phone was its 50MP AI Triple Camera that takes great prints. The realme C35 also comes in a 4 GB 128 GB storehouse setup which makes it perfect for storing prints, vids, games and all your favorite apps without the pause. 

 Addict Fest and Music Party 

The launch of realme's 828 Addict celebration fests has everyone on edge. This event honors Rome's accomplishments for the time while also showing appreciation for and entertaining its devoted sympathizers. The 828 Addict Fest offered a chance to commemorate realme's quick ascent to the top as the brand that vended 100 million products the fastest the previous time. 

 In 2022, realme hosted its first- ever Music Party at the sand, so get ready to rock out in the beach and sun. A blend of members of the realme community, celebrities, the media, shutterbugs, and the larger realme network were present at this event. Away from spectacular musical performances, partygoers had the occasion to learn further about realme's unborn plans, gain first access to norway - ahead- seen realme products, and interact directly with the realme’s expensive products


Factory Tour 

 Realme was the first brand to open doors of its plant to the media and give consumers a value- added benefit of locally assembled phones. KOLs from different sectors and niches were invited for a plant stint of realme where the phones are locally manufactured and assembled. Country Director, realme ‘ Syed Mashood Hassan ’ gave a plant stent and a briefing session to the KOLs by telling them how the bias are assembled in the realme plant and latterly entertained them by arranging a fun agglomerating game in Uptown LA followed by a small regale. 

Mega Azadi Lift 

 Realme banded with Critical Mass Lahore to plan the first- ever bike marathon on Pakistan's Independence Day in and trouble to introduce within its community. Over 500 bikers from each over Lahore took part in the morning bike lift known as the Mega Azadi Lift. 

Grand Deals 

The realme Super Brand Day trade is the last present for realme suckers to enjoy during the 828 Addict celebration fests this time. suckers of realme entered special abatements and offer on the company's smartphones and AIoTs during this event. The amazing abatement s11.11 and 12.12 launched on a number of e-commerce spots, including Daraz and AlfaMall. 

realme 9 4G 

realme’s most- rearmost smartphone immolation in 2022 was the realme 9 4G which came out in the price label of just PKR,999/- only. As the most recent entrant into the realme 9 series, the realme 9 4G was a complete each- rounder that attracted druggies civil with its high- quality features. realme’s rearmost tech phenomenon opened up a new period of easy operation, challenging druggies to use it for comfortable and continuous work to ameliorate their own performance and the world around them. The Mid-range photography star came equipped with a 108MP AI TripleUltra-clear camera and a first- in- member Samsung HM6 Sensor, empowering you to confidently capture the moment with All- Day Clarity. 

 The realme 9 4G also had an inconceivable aesthetic owing to its desert- inspired Holographic Ripple Design. Still, the realme 9 4G does n’t just let itself be defined by its aesthetics. The tech democratizer’s rearmost release was erected for an amazing performance with a host of instigative features. 

 The realme 9 4G’s cameras are Amazingly high- end. The new smartphone featured an incredibly detail- acquainted 108MP ProLight camera which handed druggies a largely smooth and crisp photography experience for both professional and particular use. realme also pulled out all the stops with its new realme 9 Series, publicizing a cooperation with Sajal Aly, a major star in Pakistani film and TV, as the brand minister. Realme is a brand that's just as passionate about working with the leaders of the hereafter as Sajal Aly is. 

New Year Party 

 Realme's consumers are no way dissatisfied when it comes to fests. By delivering the joy of this spectacular New Year to its followers and guests, it keeps its pledge to be hip and youthful. The festivity included a number of musical and artistic acts, a New Year's preamble, and an amazing firework show to cap the time. Realme goods were also handed to the attendees. A star- speckled factual New Year's Party with performances by Asim Azhar, Shamoon Ismail, and Kaifi Khalil was hosted by the Gen- Z technology mammoth for all of its sweets. 

 Realme has been at the van of bringing slice- edge features, technologies, and guests that are introducing in the tech assiduity since its commencement. This time has been a major advance for the brand in terms of deals, brand image technology and the rearmost inventions while making stoner conditions the precedence. realme has set its name relatively high in the top tech brands of the Pakistani request and has a long way to go further in coming forthcoming times

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