Top 5 Types of computer networks in 2023

Types of computer networks : As a rule, networks take issue reckoning on their geographical coverage. The network will be as little because of the distance between your mobile and its Bluetooth headphones, and as little because of the web itself, spanning the complete geographic world.

Personal Network

A personal network (PAN) is the smallest network that's terribly personal to the user. it should embody Bluetooth enabled devices or infrared devices. PAN encompasses an affiliation varying up to ten meters. The PAN could embody a wireless keyboard and mouse, Bluetooth-enabled headphones, wireless printers, and television remotes.

For example, Piconet may be a Bluetooth-enabled PAN which will contain up to eight devices connected along in master-slave mode.

The Local Network(LAN)

A network deployed within a building and in operation underneath one body system is usually remarked as space|a neighborhood} area network (LAN). Typically, a computer network covers Associate in Nursing organization's offices, schools, colleges, or universities. the quantity of systems connected to the native network will vary from 2 to sixteen million.

The computer network provides a helpful thanks to share resources between finish users. Resources like printers, file servers, scanners, and also the web area unit simply distributed among computers.

LANs comprise cheap networking and routing instrumentation. it should contain native servers serving file storage and alternative regionally distributed applications. principally works on non-public IPs and does not need abundant routing. The computer network operates in its own native domain and is centrally controlled.

LAN uses local area network or Token-ring technology. A local area network is the most generally used computer network technology and uses the network topology whereas Token-ring is rare.

A computer network will be networked, wireless, or both.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

A metropolitan area network (MAN) permits the interconnection of users and computing resources during a larger {geographical space | geographic area | geographical region | geographic region | region} or region than that coated by an area area network ( computer network , native space network), even larger, however smaller than that coated by a large space network (WAN, Wide space Network) . The term applies to the interconnection of networks across a town to make one extended network (which will then additionally provide AN economical association to a WAN). It additionally designates the interconnection of many native networks by suggests that of base lines, referred to as backbones. This latter usage is typically additionally cited as a field network.

Examples of metropolitan networks are often found within the urban areas of London, England, Lodz, Poland, and Geneva, Schweiz. giant universities generally use this term to explain their networks. Currently, the trend is to put in metropolitan wireless networks.

Urban Area Network

A metropolitan space network (MAN) is often extended throughout a town, like a cable tv network. It will be within the style of local area network, Token-ring, ATM, or Fiber Distributed knowledge Interface (FDDI).

Metro local area networks may be a service provided by suppliers. This service permits its users to expand their native networks. As an example, MAN will facilitate a company connecting all of its offices in an exceedingly town.

At the center of MAN is high performance and high speed fiber optics. MAN works between computer networks and WAN. MAN provides transmission for LANs to WANs or the net.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

As the name suggests, a large space network (WAN) covers a large space, which might cowl provinces and even a whole country. Typically, telecommunications networks unit a large space network. These networks offer property to MAN and computer networks. as a result of they're equipped with a awfully high-speed backbone, WANs use terribly pricey network instrumentation.

The WAN will use advanced technologies like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay, and Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET). A WAN could also be managed by multiple administrations.

Internet Work

  • It is web working or simply internet. This is often the most important network that exists on this planet. the net connects all WANs and may have property to LANs and residential networks. The net uses the TCP/IP protocol suite and uses informatics as its addressing protocol. The net is presently being widely enforced victimization IPv4. Thanks to the dearth of address areas, it's step by step moving from IPv4 to IPv6.

  • The Internet permits its users to share and access huge amounts of knowledge around the world. It uses World Wide Web, FTP, email services, audio and video streaming, etc. At an enormous level, the net runs on a Client-Server model.

  • The Internet uses an awfully high speed fiber optics backbone. To attach completely different continents, fibers are an area unit arranged  underneath the ocean, known  to the United States of America as Associate in Nursing underwater communication cable.

  • The Internet is widely employed in World Wide internet services victimization HTML connected pages and is accessible through a shopper software package called an online browser. Once a user requests a page employing a browser hosted on an online server anywhere within the world, the net server responds with an Associate in Nursing applicable HTML page. Communication latency is extremely low.

  • The Internet serves several offers and is concerned in several aspects of life a number of them:

  • Web sites

  • Email mail

  • Instant electronic communication

  • Blogging

  • Social media

  • Marketing

  • Building networks

  • Resource exchange

  • Streaming audio and video

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