Top 9 Best Gaming Chairs In 2023 For Every Gamer

   What are the best gaming chairs? 2022 comparison

best gaming chairs In 2023

Best Gaming Chairs: Which gaming chair to choose? We spend many hours in front of our PCs, whether it's to get to the end of a video game plot, to try to shine on competitive titles, to find breathtaking playful video worlds, or simply to work and have fun. . Also, the choice of a suitable chair is necessary! It is not only for daily comfort, the playing position that we get, but also and above all the preservation of our health capital, avoiding back pains!

If the secret of success and the path to victory is first and foremost about the performance of your machine, your screen and your peripherals (as well as your personal skill, we are not going to hide it), we often forget that being well seated is far from negligible. A chair worthy of the name allows you to get an good position to be comfortable during your gaming segments, adapts to your morphology and tries to reconcile comfort, well-being and performance as well as possible.

The differences between an entry-level office chair or chair and a good gaming chair don't end there. In addition to the physiological and ergonomic aspects which we will discuss later, a chair of good quality will accompany you for many years without sagging or losing its qualities, a strong point that can hardly be attributed to the vast majority of models whose interest wanes after only a few months.

Finally, choosing a good gaming chair is a long-term investment. Put into perspective with the number of hours spent on it, the feeling of comfort and the health benefits, the choice seems natural. After all, if we're inclined to put several hundred bucks into a keyboard/mouse combo or a great looking monitor, the question shouldn't be about the chair!

1. Noble chairs ICON: the Porsche of gaming chairs

The best gaming chair for Clubic



  • Quality & strength of materials

  • The sober design

  • The many settings

  • Comfort

The Lessers

  • The plastic armrests not at the level of the rest

  • A slight squeak in the leather of the seat after a month of use

Over a number of years I have tried many office chairs, ranging from low end IKEA to good mid-range office chairs provided by my employers. I have never found the right chair with which I can do long gaming sessions, or just work, without feeling pain and fatigue. It's done now, I definitely adopted the ICON and my back is happy. Of course, even with a good chair, it is important to follow a few rules: adopt a good working position, get up for five minutes every hour, avoid eating at your desk. The ICON from Noblechairs is an excellent armchair, which we can only recommend.

2. Razer Enki: a second gaming chair just as convincing


  • Impeccable packaging and assembly

  • Design and quality of materials

  • Exemplary comfort of the seat and backrest


The Lessers

  • High price

  • No lumbar adjustment

  • Not the easiest chair to move

The Razer Enki is a great gaming chair, there's no doubt about it. The comfort is truly there, especially at the level of the lumbar and spine, the materials are irreproachable and the product does not suffer from any fatal defect.

However, for a second iteration more expensive than the previous one, Razer was a little shy, and the removal of the lumbar adjustment in particular is quite incomprehensible.

Despite this, the manufacturer's proposal does not have to be ashamed of the competition and can accompany long gaming sessions until the end of the night. And, on a very personal note, it must be admitted that the Enki has "mouth", while being a little more sober than the Iskur and its "snakeskin" appearance. Tastes and colors (neon green).

Finally, note that Razer offers its Enki in a slightly less expensive version, the Enki X. For 329 euros, this model has only 2D armrests, the inclination of the backrest is not reactive and the shape memory cushion is to be purchased separately.


3. The G-Lab K-Seat Rhodium Atom: a budget gaming chair that's worth it

The best value for money gaming chair



  • Simple assembly

  • Presents quite well

  • Pleasant “mesh” backrest

  • Good general comfort

  • Very easy to disassemble

The Lessers

  • Armrests too simplistic

  • Tilt limited to 120°

  • Low foam density


There is obviously no question of comparing this chair signed The G-Lab to other products passed through our hands. Or rather yes, but keeping in mind that it is at least 100 to 150 euros less expensive than the models tested previously. Such a price positioning implies some concessions and the whole thing clearly has an “all plastic” side which can be disturbing. You also have to do with some limitations, especially in terms of its armrests, which are much less mobile than those of the competition.

However, the result is more than correct and the good impression given by the K-Steam Rhodium Atom does not fade over time. The comfort is quite correct, as is the back support, despite the absence of real lumbar padding. The inclination of up to 120° is interesting and the height of the backrest is adjustable, while the use of mesh makes the set as comfortable and breathable as it is light. It's not a miraculous product, but the K-Seat Rhodium Atom is a good pick to play without breaking the bank.

4. REKT Ultim8-RS: we can finally afford a quality gaming chair without (too) breaking the bank

The best full-size gaming chair


  • Very good value for money

  • Neck / lumbar cushions

  • Dense and comfortable foam

  • Backrest tilt up to 160°

  • Pleasant 4D armrests

The lessers

  • Non-memory foam

  • Cylinder very hard to disassemble

  • Tilt handle too hard

Too often, seat manufacturers take advantage of the “gaming” label to inflate prices. No doubt REKT could still make a little effort, but at less than 300 euros for such a level of quality, the ULTIM8-RS is unquestionably one of the best quality / price ratios on the market… in any case of all the models passed through our hands.

The French manufacturer does not forget any of the essential settings associated with such a product and integrates them with talent. The seat is relatively ergonomic, it is above all robust and very comfortable, while the seven colors available should allow everyone to find a shoe that suits them. We can regret the lack of accessories to personalize the beast, armrests that cannot be adjusted to the left / right and the absence of a memory foam cushion.

Still, for its price, the ULTIM8-RS does more than provide the essentials. The fabrics are of good quality, the foams seem to be able to last a while and the general comfort is of an excellent level. It may not be the best chair on the market, but the ULTIM8-RS is definitely one of the leaders in its class.

5. Backforce One Plus: German quality at a high price

The Best Inexpensive Gaming Chair


  • Many adjustments, including lumbar

  • Hard and comfortable seat

  • Light visual customization

  • Possibility to store the armrests

The lessers

  • Quality of some plastics

  • bulky in width

  • No memory foam cushions

  • Perfectible controls

The Backforce One Plus will mainly be intended for wealthy esports teams or schools who would like to pay for customizable and highly configurable chairs for their players. More traditional buyers will probably find an equally satisfactory, less (or more?) flashy and above all less expensive offer elsewhere.

6. Maxnomic Dominator “Executive Edition”: comfortable and accessible 


  • Ease of assembly

  • Firm yet comfortable seat

  • The design, very successful

  • Undeniable general quality

The lessers

  • The price (469€)

  • The weight

Once the assembly is complete, this Maxnomic Dominator "Executive Edition" clearly displays its ambitions, with an assertive style, quality materials, real general robustness and neat finishes.

Admittedly, the seat is rather imposing and will not necessarily blend into somewhat "intimate" environments, but those looking for a high-end seat, for gaming as for office automation, will be delighted. Visually therefore, but also with regard to general comfort, globally irreproachable here.A model to consider therefore if you want to finally replace this gaming chair, certainly faithful, but which has had its day.

7. Corsair TC2000: the gaming chair without artifice, but not without finesse


  • Comfortable, semi-firm seat

  • Pleasant fabric covering

  • Very good level of finish

  • Adjustable from anywhere

  • Excellent quality casters

The lessers

  • “Floating” armrests

  • Fixed lumbar support

  • No more “fun” colors

  • No notice?!

At first glance posed on the TC200, difficult to be captivated. Corsair certainly makes a rather good impression, but it is also very wise, very “in tune” with the competition. The TC200 retains a fairly common backrest shape for a gaming chair, it incorporates the inevitable 4D armrests and allows many adjustments for more comfort.

We should nevertheless emphasize the use of a fabric covering that is as pleasing to the eye as it is for our bottom. It should also be noted that the level of finish is difficult to criticize, even for a model at nearly 400 euros. No, the price argument would even tend to favor the TC200 if it weren't for this (small) lumbar support problem. Integrated into the backrest, it is light – which suits us well – but impossible to adjust. Too bad, because in terms of comfort, the rocking effect is impeccable and the complete inclination of the backrest is appreciable… even if you rarely have a screen on the ceiling.

8. SecretLab Titan Evo 2022: if only magnets were enough to enhance an already winning formula


  • Seat and back width

  • Lumbar support system and settings

  • Finishes

  • Easy assembly

  • Adjustable armrests (4D)

The lessers

  • The magnetic headrest that can move

  • Magnetic armrests that cause rattles

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is an extremely comfortable gaming chair for your gaming or working sessions.The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is an extremely malleable chair thanks to its panoply of adjustments. The lumbar support can be adjusted in height and offers a sufficiently wide and firm support surface. For the rest, we find the classic settings: 4D armrests, inclination of the chair or the backrest. The memory foam headrest completes the picture in a very nice way.

Only a small shadow comes to darken the final result, nothing prohibitive however. SecretLab has equipped its headrest and armrests with magnets. Unfortunately, this leads to some inconvenience. For the armrests of the noises of use, for the head cushion, it tends to move, it will therefore be necessary to replace it from time to time.

If you spend many hours in front of your pc and want to take care of your health, the TITAN Evo 2022 from Secretlab is at the top of your list.

9. REKT RGo: a gaming chair that focuses on ergonomics


  • Remarkable coating

  • Very high level of comfort

  • Low price for ergonomics

  • Many possible settings

  • Effective 4D armrests

The lessers

  • No 180° tilt

  • Somewhat “cheap” plastics

  • Some perfectible finishes

  • Simple wheels

While most gaming chair manufacturers are content to stay in their comfort zone, REKT has changed its habits with the RGo range, the objective of which is to break with the inevitable bucket seat, car simulation style. As its name suggests, the RGo is an ergonomic product that is more respectful of everyone's morphology.

Inevitably, to maintain an affordable price, REKT was forced to make some concessions and there is therefore no question of comparing the RGo to the best Herman Miller products in particular. However, the promise is kept and for less than 500 euros, we benefit from a more comfortable seat, more adaptable to our backs. Be careful though, ergonomic seat requires, it could force you to review your posture a little. So you have to give yourself time to tame it.

After a moment of adaptation, we begin to appreciate the least of the facilities while the coating is a blessing which changes so much from the traditional fabric / imitation leather. The headrest is a nice plus and if the lumbar support can still be improved, it does its job more than properly. In the end, the main criticism that we will make of the RGO is a finish that is perhaps a little worse than on the ULTIM8-RS from the same manufacturer. Nothing dramatic though.

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