The best Gaming portable computers 2023 - Gaming laptop check & comparison


Best Gaming Laptops: More manageable and intuitive than a console, the transportable laptop is acclaimed by most gamers. however to run the foremost stringent video games, you would like quality constituents. However, that's a big-ticket. it's thus necessary to create the most effective alternative once shopping for your portable computer. To assist you, we tend to give a whole comparison of the most effective laptops for gamers. Our study relies on skilled tests, client reviews and opinion surveys. In summary, we tend to deem feedback from the complete community. This analysis work has one objective: to permit you to save lots of time in your analysis.

Best gaming laptops in 2023

Our approach summarized in a very few words

We don't seem to be hooked into any organization (merchant website, manufacturer, service supplier, whole or laboratory). We supply out our comparative tables and tests together with external partners. Regular change of the merchandise catalog, including competitive intelligence, permits North American nations to supply merchandise of superb quality and at the fairest worth , especially because of the analysis of client reviews.

What is a gaming laptop?

A portable laptop may be a laptop with a restricted weight and size in order that it is transported simply. This laptop instrumentality will have many synchronous  uses : skilled, personal, academic, dedicated to the management and backup of files or to computer game observe.

From a technical purpose of reading, a conveyable laptop has similar parts as a conventional laptop however has lower performance, apart from the most effective models. The {sole} distinction is that the portable computer features a reversible battery so it is used where and whenever you would like.

These square measure the 2 aspects that build it the primary alternative of hardcore computer game players , however not solely. Video redaction, 3D modeling, these PCs are wont to perform several alternative tasks. They represent a really sensible compromise between power, quality and autonomy, although these last 2 aspects square measure usually a touch behind the primary.

1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2023): the most effective gamer, under AMD

For this new G14, ASUS is refining with some potency a formula that had already evidenced itself 2 years ago. The Taiwanese manufacturer showing intelligence redesigns the chassis of its ultraportable, while not revolutionizing it, and brings a couple of welcome new options to the total... together with a digital camera (finally!), a way larger (and thus additional comfortable) trackpad, and a system AniMe Matrix additional advanced that may charm to fans of programmable light-emitting diode effects.

We find for the remainder a very satisfactory show quality and a top quality keyboard on a 14-inch product that's still as pleasant and sensible. This general-purpose ultraportable will finally count this year on a configuration entirely designed by AMD to develop even additional performance than last year. the value to pay is on the opposite hand double: the heating is marked and also the graphic solutions of AMD don't seem to be however as snug with the ray tracing as those of Nvidia. we tend to additionally regret an exact regression within the field of autonomy.

2. MSI Raider GE76 (2023): best performance (especially if you break the bank)

Mixed impression given off by this refashion of MSI's top-of-the-range 17-inch.

On the one hand, the whole once more offers North American nation a well thought-out chassis, adorned with a wonderful keyboard, glorious property and a really sensible level of end. it's additionally tough to stay indifferent to the insolent performance of the device, which mixes one in all the most effective processors of the instant with one in all the quickest mobile graphics cards on the market up to now.

On the opposite hand, the GE76 Raider pales in terms of show, with a poorly mark and low-contrast IPS LCD panel. the sole real “asset” of this screen is to be found on the facet of its infernal refresh rate. however square measure the 360 ​​Hz it offers that enticing compared to a additional classic a hundred and forty four or a hundred sixty five cps panel? we'll allow you to choose. actually MSI will supply a much better optional  panel (QHD, 100% DCI-P3 and 240Hz square measure on the menu), except for a skyrocketing worth. bear in mind that the model we tend to tested was already displayed at over 3000 euros.

Beyond this unsatisfactory screen, the device additionally disappoints on the cooling. moon-faced with the competition, MSI remains on a dissipation system that rests maybe a touch an excessive amount of on its laurels... wherever the competition redoubles its efforts and ingenuity (large vapor chambers, liquid metal, trilateral dissipation or perhaps four fans.


3. Acer Nitro 5 (2023): an ideal gaming laptop for students

The best value for money gaming laptop

  • Strong 1080p performance

  • Efficient dissipation system…

  • A sleeker, better-designed chassis than in the past

  • Good RGB keyboard and complete connectivity

  • M.2 and 2.5 inch slots available

  • An IPS screen that is not bright enough, with colors that are too cold but very noisy

  • Truly anecdotal webcam, speakers and trackpad

  • Derisory autonomy (3 to 4 hours only)

If not perfect, the new Nitro 5 does exactly what we expect of it: it offers us a good overall experience at a reasonable price in a market often marked by exuberant price positioning. With a price range of between 1200 and 1700 euros, Acer's "accessible" machine stands out from its many competitors with a relatively neat design, a much improved assembly quality compared to previous models and solid performance. We also appreciate the efficiency of its dissipation system. Pragmatic, the latter does not bother to spare our ears and prefers the uninhibited noise to the too high temperatures which would quickly clamp the components. A good thing in our opinion.

Acer, on the other hand, fails on the screen, especially on our test unit. The best configurations of the Nitro 5 are indeed limited to a rather disappointing 1080p IPS panel because it is not bright enough. A margin of progress is clearly possible on this side, just like on the side of autonomy even if it is clear that the vocation of the Nitro 5 is to remain well in place on a desk, rather than to accompany us in all our displacements.

4. Razer Blade 15: A little more expensive but more incredibly classier

  • Successful finish and backlighting

  • Accessible components, 1x free M.2

  • Pleasant chiclet keyboard for typing, gaming

  • Good general performance

  • Significant, but localized heating

  • Webcam not Hello compatible

  • Autonomy in withdrawal

  • 165 Hz superfluous

When testing the Blade Stealth 13 vintage 2020, we had already considered that Razer was evolving “smoothly”. A polite way of saying that the manufacturer was satisfied with the union minimum to improve its ranges. This is perhaps even more true this year with the Blade 15 range which, in reality, only applies to the integration of the RTX 3070 as the contributions at the processor level are light. Structurally speaking, the laptop is identical to that of last year and it is not the transition to a 165 Hz panel that will wake us up at night.

We especially regret that Razer did not manage to improve things further on the battery side. The autonomy of the Blade 15 is its biggest weak point, while it would probably have been possible to opt for a slightly larger capacity battery. However, let's not overdo it and even if Razer could probably show a little more imagination, the Blade 15 remains a very beautiful, very powerful and very pleasant laptop dedicated to video games. The performances are high and the opening towards more RAM or a second SSD are options that we appreciate, not so frequent in the laptop world.

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