Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online? A Parent's Guide to Children's Use of Technology and Social Media

Children's Use of Technology and Social Media

Children's Use of Technology and Social Media: Do you ever wonder what your children are doing online? With the ever-increasing use of technology and social media by children, it is becoming increasingly important for parents to understand how their kids are using these platforms. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth look at Children's Use of Technology and Social Media and give parents the resources they need to keep their kids safe and informed while using the internet.

Why Monitoring Your Child's Online Activity is Important

As technology and social media become an ever-present part of our daily lives, it is important to monitor what your children are doing online. It is no longer enough to simply provide guidance or to hope that they will use the internet responsibly. The internet can be a great resource for learning, entertainment, and connection but there are also risks associated with using it, particularly for young people.

Studies have shown that more than half of all children aged 8-17 have experienced some form of cyberbullying or digital aggression. This type of behavior can lead to psychological distress and can even have a negative impact on their academic performance. Additionally, children can be exposed to explicit content, online predators, and online scams if they are not properly monitored.

Therefore, it is important to monitor your child's online activity in order to ensure their safety and well-being. You should also be aware of any potential risks associated with their use of technology and social media, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and other inappropriate behaviors. By monitoring your child's online activity, you can help them make better decisions about how they use the internet.

What are the risks associated with children's use of technology and social media?

Children today are growing up in a world where technology and social media are so pervasive, it’s hard for parents to keep up with what their kids are doing online. Unfortunately, there are a number of risks associated with children's use of technology and social media that parents need to be aware of. 

First and foremost, children are exposed to inappropriate content when using technology and social media. This includes things like violent or sexual content, as well as cyberbullying and hate speech. Additionally, children can be targeted by predators who seek to manipulate them or get them to share personal information. 

Another risk is the potential for addiction to technology and social media. With easy access to devices and apps, it’s easy for kids to become consumed by technology and neglect other important activities such as physical activity and spending time with friends and family. 

Finally, children can become victims of online scams or identity theft. While it’s impossible to completely protect your child from this, you can teach them how to recognize warning signs, such as requests for money or personal information. 

All of these risks can have serious consequences, so it’s important for parents to be aware of what their kids are doing online. Monitoring their online activity and teaching them about safe use of technology and social media will help ensure their safety and well-being.

How can you monitor your child's online activity?

Keeping up with your child's online activity can feel overwhelming. However, it is essential that parents stay informed of the digital world their children are exploring. Here are some tips to help monitor and protect your child's online activity:

1. Talk to Your Child - Regularly talking to your child about their online activity can be a great way to stay informed. Make sure you’re having conversations about online safety and expectations around the use of technology.

2. Utilize Parental Controls - Most devices, apps, and internet service providers now offer some form of parental controls. These can allow you to customize what your child can view, how long they can be online for, and other settings. 

3. Keep Devices in Common Areas - If possible, try to keep all devices in common areas in the house, like the living room or kitchen, rather than in their bedrooms. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on what your child is doing online.

4. Monitor Social Media Accounts - If your child has a social media account, make sure you take the time to go through their profile periodically. This way, you can see what type of content they are posting and who they are interacting with. 

5. Set Clear Guidelines - Setting clear boundaries and expectations around the use of technology can help your child understand the importance of online safety and responsible digital citizenship. 

By taking these steps, you can make sure that your child is using technology and social media safely and responsibly.

What should you do if you Notice Something?

If you find something concerning while monitoring your child’s online activity, it can be difficult to know what to do. Here are a few tips to help guide you through this situation:

1. Talk to Your Child: It is important to talk to your child in a non-judgmental way about what you found. Ask them questions and listen to their answers. Be sure to keep the conversation respectful and open.

2. Educate Yourself: Spend time researching the issue you have found and educate yourself on the risks associated with it. This can help you gain a better understanding of the issue and the potential consequences of your child’s online activity.

3. Set Clear Boundaries: Once you have discussed the issue with your child, it is important to set clear boundaries and guidelines for their online activities. Explain the risks associated with their online behavior and why it is important to maintain safe practices.

4. Seek Professional Help: If you are still concerned, seek professional help such as a therapist or counselor who specializes in cyber security. They can help you create a plan to ensure your child’s safety while they are online.

Monitoring your child’s online activity can be difficult, but it is important to do so to protect them from the potential risks of technology and social media. If you find something concerning, remember to talk to your child, educate yourself, set clear boundaries, and seek professional help if needed.


Q: What kind of technology and social media should I be concerned about?

A: Most of the concerns are related to the use of smart phones, tablets, computers, and online services like social media sites, messaging apps, and gaming services. It is important to be aware of what apps and services your child is using, how they are using them, and who they are interacting with.

Q: How can I protect my child from the risks associated with technology and social media?

A: There are a few steps you can take to help protect your child. First, establish rules and expectations for technology use and make sure that your child knows and understands them. Second, make sure you know what apps and services your child is using and monitor their activity on these platforms. Finally, talk to your children about the potential risks of technology and social media use.

Q: What should I do if I find something concerning when monitoring my child's online activity?

A: If you find something concerning while monitoring your child's online activity, it is important to address it immediately. Talk to your child about the situation and consider taking away their access to the technology or service if necessary. If the issue is more serious, you may need to contact law enforcement or other appropriate authorities. 

Q: Is there any way to prevent my child from accessing inappropriate content or being contacted by strangers online?

A: Yes, there are many tools available to help keep children safe online. Many services offer parental control options that allow you to block certain websites, set age restrictions for certain content, and monitor online activity. Additionally, you can use privacy settings on social media accounts and turn on chat filters in gaming services.


As a parent, it is essential to be aware of the technology and social media your children are using and how they are using it. While technology can be a great tool for education and entertainment, it can also present risks if not properly monitored. By staying informed and taking proactive steps, you can help protect your child from potential dangers. Setting rules and boundaries, monitoring online activity, and talking openly and honestly with your child about their online experiences can all help ensure that they are staying safe online. With vigilance, you can help ensure that your child's use of technology is both beneficial and safe.

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