Parts of Computer|Basic Components of Computer

What is Computer?

A computer is any machine that may be programmed to hold out a collection of algorithms and arithmetic directions. Of course, the computers we expect of nowadays are most over that—and I’m talking on the far side simply being machines accustomed play games and watch videos of cats on the internet!

5 Parts of Computer

Whether it is a recreation system or a home computer, the 5 main parts that make up a typical, current pc include:

  • Motherboard

  • Central Processing Unit(CPU)

  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Also Known as Video Card

  • Random Access Memory(RAM), Also Known as Volatile Memory

  • Storage: Solid State Drive(SSD) or Hard Disk Drive(HHD).

In terms of construction, every one of those main elements square measure hooked up to the motherboard then places into a protecting case—resembling the clean, polished look most folks square measure conversant in seeing. Sure, most computers have their own distinct style - and totally different brands of hardware put in - however the elements listed higher than square measure normal across all computers.


What it is: All parts of a pc communicate through a printed circuit referred to as the motherboard, as was mentioned higher than. 

What it does: consider the motherboard because of the glue that holds everything else along.

(The Raspberry Pi, just like the one featured in our summer course for youths, Build and Code Your Own net  portable computer, maybe a motherboard.)

The motherboard’s video card associate degreed Central process Unit ar contained in an integrated (built-in) chipset, shown within the image below:


Central Processing Unit(CPU)

What it is: The central processing unit is usually known as the "brain" of a pc, due to its direct plug affiliation to the motherboard, and communication with all of the computer’s different elements.

What it does: Whenever you write a line of code (in Python, Java, C++, or the other programming language), it's weakened into assembly language—which could be a language that the processor will perceive. It fetches, decodes, and executes these directions.

And that’s wherever the central processing unit comes in—all the processes a pc handles square measure taken care of by the central processing unit.

Central Processing Unit(CPU)
Central Processing Unit(CPU)

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