Main Components of Computer|Basic Computer Components

 Basic Components of Computer

The basic components of a computing system are:

  • Monitor

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Speakers

  • Printer

Let us determine some computer accessories & parts that may be connected to a computer.


a monitor is an output device that displays video pictures and text. A monitor is created from electronic equipment, a screen, an influence supply, buttons to regulate screen settings, and a casing that holds all of those parts.


When used as a noun, the term "monitor" is synonymous  with a computer "screen" and "display."

Like most early TVs, the primary computer monitors were a CRT (cathode ray tube) and a fluorescent screen. Today, all monitors are created using flat-panel display technology, sometimes backlit with LEDs (light-emitting diode). The image is an example of an ASUS LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitor.

Cathode Rays Tube(CRT)
Cathode Rays Tube(CRT)

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

Stands for "Central Processing Unit." The CPU is the primary part of a computer that processes directions. It runs the OS and applications, constantly receiving input from the user or active software programs. It processes the info and produces output, which can be kept by the Associate in the Nursing application or displayed on the screen.

The mainframe contains a minimum of one processor, that is that the actual chip within the mainframe performs calculations. for several years, most CPUs solely had one processor, however, currently, it's common for one mainframe to own a minimum of 2 processors or "processing cores." A {cpu|central process unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central processor|processor|mainframe|electronic equipment|hardware|computer hardware} with 2 processing cores known as|is named|is termed} a dual-core mainframe and models with four cores are called quad-core CPUs. High-end CPUs might have six (hexa-core) or perhaps eight (octo-core) processors. A laptop might also have quite one mainframe, that each has multiple cores. As an example, a server with 2 hexa-core CPUs encompasses a total of twelve processors.

While processor architectures take issue between models, every processor among a mainframe usually has its own ALU, FPU, register, and L1 cache. In some cases, individual process cores might have their own L2 cache, although they will conjointly share constant L2 cache. one frontside bus routes information between the mainframe and also the system memory.

CPU Installed in Motherboard
CPU Installed in Motherboard

Central Processing Unit(CPU)
Central Processing Unit(CPU)


As the name implies, a keyboard is basically a board of keys. Together with the mouse, the keyboard is one of all the primary input devices used with a pc. The keyboard's style comes from the first typewriter keyboards, arranged organized letters and numbers in an exceedingly means that prevented the type-bars from obtaining packed once writing quickly. This keyboard layout is thought to be the QWERTY style, which gets its name from the primary six letters across within the upper-left-hand corner of the keyboard.

While the planning of pc keyboards could have come back from typewriters, today's keyboards have several different keys still. Modifier keys, like management, Alt/Option, and Command (Mac) or the Windows key (Windows) are often utilized in conjunction with different keys as "shortcuts" to perform bound operations. as an example, pressing Command-S (Mac), or Control-S (Windows) usually saves a document or project you're engaged on. Most of today's pc keyboards even have a row of operating keys (F1 through F16) on the highest of the keyboard, arrow keys organized in Associate in Nursing inverted T and a numeric keyboard on the right-hand aspect. Some keyboards even have additional buttons, permitting you to vary the system volume, eject a CD, or open programs like your e-mail or application program.

QWERTY Keyboard


While the majority don't need to see a mouse running around in their home, they generally do not have a problem seeing one sitting by their pc. this is often as a result of, at the side of the keyboard, the mouse is one among the first input devices used with today's computers. The name comes from the little form of the mouse, that you'll be able to move quickly back and forth on the mouse pad, and therefore the twine, that represents the mouse's tail. Of course, if you're employing a wireless mouse, the analogy doesn't work this well.

All mice have a minimum of one button, tho' most mice have 2 or 3. Some even have further buttons on the edges, which may be appointed to completely different commands. Most mice even have a scroll-wheel, that enables you to scroll up and down documents and sites by simply rolling the wheel together with your index.

Early mice caterpillar-tracked movement employing a ball within the bottom of the mouse. This "mouse ball" pushed against completely different rollers because it is rapt, measurement the mouse's speed and direction. However, currently, most mice use optical technology, that uses a beam of sunshine to trace the mouse's motion. Optical mice are additional correct than roller-based mice and that they have the extra bonus of not obtaining dirty within.


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